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Free 12 months warranty on all our products.


Free 1 Year Warranty

Recommerce IT Free I Year Warranty

Everyone of our refurbished IT products comes with a FREE one year warranty  
All Recommerce IT refurbished products sold on recommerceit.co.uk are covered with our FREE 1 Year Warranty giving all our customers total peace of mind with every purchase. All our refurbished products have passed our stringent testing procedures to ensure we deliver every customer an enjoyable out or the box experience.
What does the warranty cover?
Faults to your device caused by technical defects Your FREE 1 Year Warranty covers you for 12 months from the date of your online receipt, 0 - 14 Days refund option available, 14 Days onwards return to base warranty for repair or replacement.
How to make a claim
We’re here to help so if you have an issue with a device you purchased from us, please contact us right away please just contact us on 0161 928 1144 or via email on customerservices@recommerceit.co.uk and we will guide you through the process.

The Recommerce IT Warranty does not cover:
  • In case of irresponsible, irregular, or improper use, the warranty is voided
  • Damage to screen or casing
  • Liquid damage
  • Damage to surrounds, facias, lids or keyboards
  • Electrical damage caused by chargers that are not approved by the manufacturer of the purchased device
  • Issues as a result of download and installation of software not approved by the manufacturer of the purchased device (incl. apps etc.)
  • Any parts or components added since the item was purchased
  • Expandable parts, such as external memory cards or caps for camera or lenses
  • Damage to fragile product elements such as glass, display, and lenses
  • Consumable items such as batteries (if the battery life remains in line with the specifications of the manufacturer)
  • Slights discrepancies between the actual condition and the nominal condition of the product that does not affect the functionality
  • Errors or damage due to faulty operation of the product, damage caused by the environment, chemicals, or cleaning fluids
  • Product damage caused by assembly/installation or transport
  • Non-compliance with the assembly, maintenance, or care instructions 
  • Damage associated with regular wear and tear (i.e., signs of usage on the casing and/or display) or deliberate damage
  •  Improper activation
  •  Careless or faulty maintenance
  • Damage that was evidently caused by the improper use of the device
  • Damage caused by the environment or acts of nature (i.e., natural disasters) including but not limited to flooding, fire, or frost
The Recommerce IT Warranty covers the hardware of the unit and does not include software or consumables such as ink or batteries.  
We’re here to resolve any problems
If you have a problem we can sort it for you, please contact us as soon as possible with your order number (or the email address you used to order if you can’t find it) and/or the Serial Number of the unit (found on the underside of laptops and on the side of PCs).  We are able to resolve many problems over the phone, please just contact us on 0161 5482 777 or via email on customerservices@recommerceit.co.uk

Under Recommerce IT Free 1 Year Warranty, we can select to repair, replace  products found to be faulty, provided that:
  • You have proof of purchase
  • Your device was purchased within 12 months of your 1 Year Warranty
  • You notify Recommerce IT immediately after you Identify a fault or defect
  •  You adhere to proper use and maintenance of the product
In the event the device needs to be repaired or replaced we will contact you within the first 14 days D.O.A period (Dead on Arrival) and collect the unit from you via our courier service. After this 14-day period the cost of returning any item will fall to the buyer. If you are not able to send it back yourself, we offer a collection service for £12 (which is the cost of the collection service from our courier). In all cases you must ensure that your unit is packaged safely. All units will be returned to you free of charge.

Recommerce IT Warranty Process
  • Unit is sent/collected and sent back to Recommerce IT (day 1*)
  • Unit is received at Recommerce IT (day 2) and confirmed as faulty
  • Replacement order prepared (if the same device is not available a replacement will be offered)
  • Replacement device is sent back to you with our courier on a next business day service (day 3-5)
PLEASE NOTE: Replacement orders will carry on from the original existing warranty. The warranty does not renew with replacement orders.
Any Questions?
If you have any questions at all with the above and need to talk to someone before you order, please call 0161 928 1144 and ask to speak to sales. 

Delivering total peace of mind with every purchase

Recommerce IT Free I Year Warranty