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How Our Grading Works


At Recommerce IT all refurbished products sold on recommerceit.co.uk are covered with our Free 1 Year Warranty giving all our customers total peace of mind with every purchase.

All Recommerce IT refurbished products have passed our stringent testing procedures to ensure we deliver every customer an enjoyable out or the box experience.  

We believe it is our responsibility to recognise the need for conscious shopping so by deciding to purchase a Recommerce IT refurbished product not only are you saving money but making a sustainable choice to reduce your carbon footprint.

Recommerce IT endeavour to be as accurate as possible with our grading policy. We adopt an open and honest approach with our customers about our products in some cases the severity of a scuff or mark may be interpretated differently from each individual person so in most cases we will err on the side or caution.

With our expertise, skills and know-how, we make sure each device works as well as a new one, allowing you to enjoy fully functional devices without high prices.

Product Grading

All our product grades are covered with a Free 1 Year Warranty

New and Boxed
Brand new manufactured sealed.  

Brand New Open Box
Brand new however the manufacturer seals are broken.  

‍EXCELLENT ( Formerly Refurbished Grade A) - Very good second user condition
May have light cosmetic (barely noticeable) scratching/scuffs on lid.
May have some light wear mouse points (i.e., where you rest your wrists).
Working battery (guaranteed to be over 70% health).  

G‍OOD (Formerly Refurbished Grade B) - Good condition, slight scratches and scuffs
May have some cosmetics, but none that affect usability or functionality.
Could have faint scratches on screen however these will not be visible when the screen is on and won't affect use.
May have a slight pressure mark on the screen.
Cosmetic scratches on lid/casing - this isn't impact damage just well used.
Rubber feet maybe missing.
May contain any faults listed in Grade A.
Warranty - Battery Life is NOT guaranteed, they will hold a good charge(battery life will be less on older models).  

FAIR (Formerly Refurbished Grade C) - Well Used with Cosmetic Damage/Functional
They may have one or more of the following:-
May have cracks in plastics particularly around hinges.
May have major scuffs or scratches on screen.
May have major pressure marks on the screen.
May have cosmetic damage to keyboard surround.
May have cosmetic damage to screen surround.
May have cosmetic damage to top cover.
May contain any faults listed in Grade B.
Warranty - Battery Life is NOT guaranteed, they will hold a good charge (battery life will be less on older models).  

Other Grading
Sometimes we may sell products to customers that fall out of the scope of our grading policy however these will be individually chosen items that can be sold for parts and spares. Contact us for more information.

Delivering total peace of mind with every purchase